About Expeditie Noordkaap

Expeditie Noordkaap is a dutch organisation that represents 8,000 kilometers of pure adventure. During this 8-day tour we will take you to the most beautiful places of Scandinavia, and the North Cape itself. You can find the North Cape on the island Magerøya which is the most northern point of Europe, at 307 meters above sea level. To visit Magerøya by car Norway constructed an undersea tunnel. The North Cape Tunnel is nearly 7 km long and reaches a depth of 212 meters below sea level. For a long time this was one of the most special, longest and deepest undersea tunnel in the world.


Because of the arctic weather the roads are not always easily accessible, but the arctic weather will create unique environments to drive in.

Expeditie Noordkaap is a car tour, with a highly competitive element. Please remember that it is definitely not a race and will never become a rally. With a car tour everyone have to accept the local traffic rules of every country and this will also count heavily in the team rankings.


In addition to the “heavy” stages and activities the organization will take car of amazing hotel stayings, good and tasty food. There will also be an opportunity to exchange with each other all the experiences of that day as the bar.

What makes it particularly special is the friendship that you build during Expeditie Noordkaap. This friendship makes it possible to overcome all types of problems, so you can look back on a memorable Expeditie Noordkaap!


Start and Finish

The start of Expeditie Noordkaap is on Sunday, January 29th, 2017 from Lichtenvoorde NL and on Sunday, February 5th 2017 the teams will finish in the Netherlands.

A team consists of two persons who are in possession of a valid driving license.

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